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Told you so!

Panesar 5 for 129; Swann 4 for however many. Anderson 1. Broad nil for quite a few. Quod erat demonstrandum!

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Playing India in India

I thought everyone knew that the Sub-Continent is famous for producing spin bowlers of all kinds, off, leg, wrist, fingers – whatever. It does this because its wickets are, by and large, very receptive to spin bowling. It seemed the … Continue reading

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What is? England’s performance in the second and third ODIs! Cook seems to have got Strauss’s disease – an inability to set an attacking field and respond to situations in any other than a purely formulaic way. The usual advice … Continue reading

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What’s wrong with BRITISH golf?

Watching the Masters late last night, I was struck by the fact that all golfers now seem to be labelled by nationality complete with national flags etc. against their names. However the British ones have either English, Scottish, Welsh or … Continue reading

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Thank the Lord for Chris Hoy

As I suspected below, Salmond wasted no time in trying to go one better than the Welsh. Well done Chris Hoy for giving him such short shrift. However he will need determination, as will his colleagues who, I hope, think … Continue reading

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Olympics: celebrating Britishness?

The achievements of British athletes at Beijing, from all parts of the UK, are something in which all of us can take pride, regardless of where we live in the UK. At a time when Labour’s ruinous devolution policy has … Continue reading

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