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Reality check 2

This morning’s Daily Telegraph reports that a couple in Rotherham, acting as foster parents, have had their foster children removed by Rotherham Social Services. Why? Criminal record? – No! Child abuse? – No! Why then? – Because they are members … Continue reading

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Reality check?

The failure of the House of Laity of the C of E Synod to support the consecration of women as Bishops has provoked the reaction from the Liberal Establishment that was to be expected. As a real, philosophical Conservative I … Continue reading

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Happy St. Valentine’s Day!

Happy New Year – yes it is my first post on this blog in 2012. I have been active elsewhere though! Also happy Valentine’s Day! I was pleased this morning to read that Baroness Warsi is to see the Pope … Continue reading

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Morse, Midsomer and Christianity

It started with Inspector Morse, has rather continued with Lewis and permeates Midsomer like a plague. What does? An unrelenting hostility to traditional religion, particularly Christianity. Last night’s Midsomer Murder was a classic of the genre. The person who had … Continue reading

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Not in my name…….

When I noticed on the front page of this Morning’s Sunday Telegraph that His Grace the Archbishop of Westminster had been attacking the government over the attempts to reduce the massive deficit inherited from the profligate Labour government, and doing … Continue reading

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