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Reality check 2

This morning’s Daily Telegraph reports that a couple in Rotherham, acting as foster parents, have had their foster children removed by Rotherham Social Services. Why? Criminal record? – No! Child abuse? – No! Why then? – Because they are members … Continue reading

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Batsqueak from UKIP

A small UKIP leaflet was delivered by the postman this morning. The good thing about it was that it was devoid of the unpleasant negativity of the Liberal Democrat efforts on which I have commented earlier. It didn’t have room … Continue reading

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Shame about Mr. Rosenthal

The names of parliamentary candidates are not yet finalised here in Kingston & Surbiton, however a list of the likeliest runners and riders has been circulating. Apart from the ones you’d expect there will also be a Monster Raving Loony. … Continue reading

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So now we know……..

Philip Johnston (no relation, to my knowledge) in this morning’s Telegraph claims that the Euro election results were people saying ‘a plague on both your houses’ to the Tories and Labour. It might be worth pointing out to users of … Continue reading

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Election advice from the Telegraph

There’s a long editorial this morning, advising readers that ‘a vote for Ukip is a wasted vote’. I think I’ve made it fairly clear that I agree with that sentiment and the Editor’s stated reasons for holding it. Some people … Continue reading

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Euro-elections 2009 Part IV: Conservatives

The Conservative literature arrived only yesterday, some five days after my postal ballot paper. This was disappointing and might have cost the party some votes as many postal voters will have returned their papers already, without having read much from … Continue reading

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