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Canary birds

With kind regards to Cornish Republican, these birds feature in a mosaic on display on the Canary Island of La Palma. Saw them there last week.

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What to wear at weddings…….

Depends on the wedding. But if someone invites you to a formal event you should dress appropriately. Go on Dave! If I can do it. you can do it!

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Morse, Midsomer and Christianity

It started with Inspector Morse, has rather continued with Lewis and permeates Midsomer like a plague. What does? An unrelenting hostility to traditional religion, particularly Christianity. Last night’s Midsomer Murder was a classic of the genre. The person who had … Continue reading

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On becoming a senior citizen

I believe the saying has it ‘what goes around comes around’.  So take heart, younger readers – or not, depending on your politics! 40 years ago I was 25 for the first time. From 1967 onwards we’d had huge poll … Continue reading

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Councillors’ timesheets?

I see on BBC London News today that someone from the Taxpayers’ Alliance would like councillors to fill in timesheets to. I should be happy to do so. For the record I spend an average of 2-3 hours daily dealing … Continue reading

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LisbonTreaty: letter to DT

In case the dear old Telegraph doesn’t publish my letter, here it is. Sir, It is a pity that your headline of yesterday (3rd. November) accused David Cameron of ‘reneging’ on his commitment to a referendum on Lisbon, when in … Continue reading

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