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It was a good day!

Royal Wedding Day went very well from just about all angles. The TV coverage of the event was excellent. The weather was fine and even sunny at times. Our neighbours had a street party immediately after the wedding. Thanks to … Continue reading

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Is this what Joanna, Colin and others really think?

Had my letter from a lot of celebrities today. I was really thrilled! Absolutely fab picture of Joanna Lumley and Colin Firth looking Darcyesque alongside. They were all advising me to vote for AV. I bet you two years ago … Continue reading

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What’s wrong with BRITISH golf?

Watching the Masters late last night, I was struck by the fact that all golfers now seem to be labelled by nationality complete with national flags etc. against their names. However the British ones have either English, Scottish, Welsh or … Continue reading

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L’Affaire Laws

Three questions remain unanswered about the rapid and regrettable departure of the Chief Secretary to the Treasury. Why did a man of his undoubted intelligence get himself into such a pickle in the first place? Did he not realise that, … Continue reading

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Davey on Immigration

One of the country’s most respected bloggers, Iain Dale, posted this today, having heard our very own ED on the ‘Politics Show‘. ‘LibDem Immigration Policy Unravels Iain Dale 2:40 PM At the best of times, Ed Davey is a politician … Continue reading


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On hearing the first cuckoo in Spring!

The other piece of Lib Dem propaganda to appear on Tuesday was a big glossy from the former MP – I say ‘former’ because Parliament is now dissolved and he holds no public office whatever at the moment. Again we … Continue reading

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