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Euro-elections 2009 Part V: Labour

For some reason this logo has made my Firefox crash four times! However, here goes with the literature from the Labour Party. The front cover of the glossy leaflet shows a hardworking, casually dressed,¬†four person heterosexual family. The photo surmounts … Continue reading

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Euro-elections 2009 Part IV: Conservatives

The Conservative literature arrived only yesterday, some five days after my postal ballot paper. This was disappointing and might have cost the party some votes as many postal voters will have returned their papers already, without having read much from … Continue reading

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Boris and the Beeb

The BBC in London is going very much to town this week on the first anniversary of Boris Johnson’s election as Mayor. The tone of their reporting is, at it has always been, looking for things to carp about and … Continue reading

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Tony Arbour gets more than 9% swing.

It was a great pleasure to see that Tony Arbour was returned to the GLA on Thursday with a swing of more than 9% to Conservative. London South West had been the Lib Dems’ great hope of a first past … Continue reading

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You’re never too old!

No-one in public life should ever feel too old to take on fresh ideas. I received this today and recommend the link to London readers especially, but others past the first flush of youth elsewhere in Britain might find it … Continue reading

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In desperation

Received a piece of Lib Dem ‘Literature’ through the door this morning. It’s really amazing in some ways that they are still rehearsing the worn-out formulas that were so novel (were they?) 30 years ago. You know “It’s a two … Continue reading

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