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The Westlothian question – and answer!

When New Labour signed up to the devolution project for Scotland and Wales, Tony Blair seemed to think he was creating a couple of super county councils which would always be Labour controlled and would kill local Nationalism stone dead. … Continue reading

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Fair access?

It seems that Vince has triumphed over Dave over the appointment of the egregious Prof. Ebdon to head up the ‘Office of Fair Access’ (to universities). This office was part of the New Labour flock of quangoes set up to … Continue reading

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Surbiton Hill by-election

I notice that a lot of people came searching on this site on 16th September, doubtless wanting a quick reaction to the Surbiton Hill by-election. They didn’t get one. The curious can read what I think on the Surbiton Hill … Continue reading

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Huhne upset

It seems Chris Huhne is tearing his hair out over the NotoAV leaflet and other activities of the NO campaigners. Some of them have been naughtily going around with placards, curiously like the YES lapel badges, displaying quotes of Lib … Continue reading

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From the NO campaign

The free post NO leaflet arrived this morning; rather late for us as we have already voted by post! It makes some telling points on the cost of AV. though, to be fair, I don’t see why counting machines would … Continue reading

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Not in my name…….

When I noticed on the front page of this Morning’s Sunday Telegraph that His Grace the Archbishop of Westminster had been attacking the government over the attempts to reduce the massive deficit inherited from the profligate Labour government, and doing … Continue reading


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