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The media are the message?

Are the media in Britain trying to dictate the political agenda rather than reporting on what goes on? I read somewhere a suggestion that, in the upcoming General Election, ‘the media have decided, rightly or wrongly, that they want a … Continue reading

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Neighbourhood last night

The Neighbourhood Committee last night lasted 4 hours and a bit. We had a very long debate about the bridge over the railway at the northern end of King Charles Road. This was followed by another one on access to … Continue reading

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Association dinner

Excellent attendance last night at Kingston and Surbiton Conservatives’ annual dinner. Apart from a great meal we were treated to an amusing after dinner speech by Justine Greening MP, just coming to the end of her first term as MP … Continue reading

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What ‘The Daily Telegraph’ ISN’T telling you

While I was pleased to see local MP Edward Davey listed as a ‘saint’ this morning, I am intrigued by the following figures obtainable from the Internet and relating to last year. Credit where it’s due, he isn’t claiming for … Continue reading

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Dirty tricks

Many people have asked me what I think about McBride and his foul insinuations in emails about leading Tory politicians. Of course these are the tactics of a politician in despair, and the fact that he was once a civil … Continue reading

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Budget council: still highest CT in London

Conservative colleagues last week attacked the Lid Dem 3.2% rise, which would have been 4% but for the action of Boris Johnson in freezing the GLA precept at its 2008 level. This was done by pruning some of Ken’s wasteful … Continue reading

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