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More squeaks from the hoarse ‘Voice’

Mr. Davey claims to have saved Surbiton Hospital. Nonsense – that was a community effort involving Councillors for Surbiton Hill ward first , followed by others. The ‘Comet’ got involved very early on. Public concern was raised and there were … Continue reading

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The media are the message?

Are the media in Britain trying to dictate the political agenda rather than reporting on what goes on? I read somewhere a suggestion that, in the upcoming General Election, ‘the media have decided, rightly or wrongly, that they want a … Continue reading

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‘Closure? Forget it!’ says doctor

We had a highly successful ward social event on Saturday evening, attended by 48 people, including MEP Syed Kamall and GLA member Tony Arbour. One lady, attending one of her first such events, told of a friend who had asked … Continue reading

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Hospital rumour starts election campaign

Health Overview PanelĀ  27th January 2010 The meeting proceedings began with a question from the floor by Cllr Geoff Austin (Con) politely seeking clarification of the position on Maternity and A&E services at Kingston Hospital. The Chair, Cllr Don Jordan … Continue reading

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Surbiton Hospital site could become a ‘Community Hub’

Nick Kilby and I, together with other Surbiton Neighbourhood Councillors have met with representatives from the Police, Primary Care Trust (PCT), GP surgeries and the voluntary sector to explore the exciting possibility of delivering a range of community services from … Continue reading

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The pleasant part of council work

Last night I was asked to present the awards at School Lane Estate’s gardening tournament for 2008. The residents set out to show what could be done in an estate of maisonettes and sheltered flats to make the environment more … Continue reading

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