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Better off out?

We learn that the EU wants yet more of our money to expand its budget still further. Apart from dealing with the financial mess left by Gordon Brown we are also expected to bail out Ireland, Greece and Portugal – … Continue reading

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Who says what is Coalition policy?

David Cameron wants to reduce immigration and says so. How far he’ll be able to do so given the EU directives on the subject and the various bits of Labour legislation that shows no sign of an early disappearance from … Continue reading

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Davey on Immigration

One of the country’s most respected bloggers, Iain Dale, posted this today, having heard our very own ED on the ‘Politics Show‘. ‘LibDem Immigration Policy Unravels Iain Dale 2:40 PM At the best of times, Ed Davey is a politician … Continue reading

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Lib Dem Policy 2: Europe

by Paul Johnston Policy stance: Strongly committed to European federalism and joining the Euro at the earliest opportunity. Want to give up our remaining opt outs from various EU policies and join in with schemes like the European arrest warrant, … Continue reading

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Shame about Mr. Rosenthal

The names of parliamentary candidates are not yet finalised here in Kingston & Surbiton, however a list of the likeliest runners and riders has been circulating. Apart from the ones you’d expect there will also be a Monster Raving Loony. … Continue reading

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LisbonTreaty: letter to DT

In case the dear old Telegraph doesn’t publish my letter, here it is. Sir, It is a pity that your headline of yesterday (3rd. November) accused David Cameron of ‘reneging’ on his commitment to a referendum on Lisbon, when in … Continue reading

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