Morse, Midsomer and Christianity

It started with Inspector Morse, has rather continued with Lewis and permeates Midsomer like a plague. What does? An unrelenting hostility to traditional religion, particularly Christianity.

Last night’s Midsomer Murder was a classic of the genre. The person who had taken to mass murder after a seemingly blameless life is a teacher (in an Independent school, natch!) seen praying in church, who suggests praying for the soul of one of his victims. he is apparently driven mad by three years of celibacy, waiting for the return of his fiancee from South Africa and wants to visit divine vengeance on sinners against matrimony (mainly but not exclusively young women) after she reveals she has married someone else in South Africa and isn’t coming home. I know it’s fiction and rather incredible, but it reveals a great deal about the mental hang-ups of the author and the mindset that takes negative portrayal of Christian principles and practice as almost de rigeur.

It has become a cliche that, wherever there’s a clergyMAN in the plot he is either a murderer, or mad or at the very least a mysoginist or any combination of any two or all three! – clergy WOMEN tend to be smiled on, I notice, but they are never portrayed as upholders of traditional Christian principles either. Which probably does an injustice to most real clergy women too!

I note that other faiths are left strictly alone, but they ot their adherents are hardly ever portrayed at all. So much for multiculturalism…………


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