On the elephant in the room

The other piece of literature was the latest glossy featuring Mr. Ed Davey.

He begins by saying, ‘After 13 years of Labour, we’ve all had enough. Gordon Brown has failed us.’ Couldn’t agree more! He then implies that the way to sort this out is to vote Lib Dem as if there was a real prospect of a Lib Dem government, which there isn’t and we all know it.

He is very fond of pointing out that ‘Labour can’t win here’ in a bid to get Labour people to vote for him to keep the Tories out, as they did in 2001 and, to a lesser extent, in 2005.

In this he’s hinting at the big elephant in the room whose presence he daren’t fully acknowledge.

He was elected in 1997 as part of ‘Tony’s Big Tent’. He was re-elected in 2001 still as part of the same ‘tent’ The Labour government was as pleased as Punch with the results here because they did indeed ‘keep the Tory out’. The same applies in Richmond Park and Twickenham. Labour knows it can’t win, but every Lib Dem MP in SW London is one the Tories don’t get and that helps keep Labour (of whom ‘we’ve all had enough’) and Gordon Brown (who ‘has failed us’) in power.

The only matter of substance on which he has not remained inside the Big Tent ever since 1997 was Iraq and we aren’t in Iraq any more. And his party has refused to rule out the possibility of supporting in office a minority Labour Government. They have form here. They did it before for three years in the 1970s.

So the message is that Labour really can’t win here – so,  if you want to keep them in office, vote Lib Dem. Vote Yellow – get Brown.


About pauljohnston

Elected as Conservative councillor in Surbiton Hill, Kingston upon Thames in 1998. Re-elected 2002 and 2006. Former parliamentary candidate in Lancashire and Birmingham. Ceased to be a Councillor (temporarily?) in 2010. Active among Residents' Associations in Surbiton Hill and among residents in social housing generally. Former teacher of History at St. Brendan's College Bristol and Head of History and Politics at the London Oratory School. Worked with Sutton Trust running summer schools for sixth formers at Oxford University from 1997-2000 aiming to improve uptake of places from pupils from state schools which sent very few applicants to Oxbridge.
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