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Oakhill surgery

The C-pod was in action again yesterday morning in Oakhill Road. Helen Whately, Nick Kilby, Janet Bowen -Hitchings, Mavis Cracknell and self were in attendance. So were numerous people doing door knocking and delivering literature throughout the area. Local residents … Continue reading

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LisbonTreaty: letter to DT

In case the dear old Telegraph doesn’t publish my letter, here it is. Sir, It is a pity that your headline of yesterday (3rd. November) accused David Cameron of ‘reneging’ on his commitment to a referendum on Lisbon, when in … Continue reading

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Have you been checked?

Readers will have gathered from the exchange between self and Martin de Kauwe (see Recent Comments) that I am an ex-teacher. In fact I taught History to secondary age boys and sixth formers of both genders for 32 years all … Continue reading

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Driving me up the wall!

Very useful meeting this afternoon with leading Southborough residents. Subject: driving schools! Apparently there are 90 of them operating in the Southborough area. I saw 5 separate ones in as many minutes on my way home. It would be greatly … Continue reading

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